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Event - 6 Feb 2023

The Probi Team hope to see you in Barcelona 

February 6-8 2023

Probiota brings together experts and leaders from global industries and academia to present top level insights. The key themes running through the event will include Pre, Pro, Post Biotics & Synbiotics, the gut-brain axis, the state of the market (regulatory & retail), microbiome modulation and the opportunities of Phage and Pharmabiotics. Discover the full program here

The three-day event will feature expert presentations, dynamic panel discussions and networking opportunities, all offering a one-stop shop for the latest must-have insights in the fields of prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome.

As sponsors of the event we are happy to offer a 20% discount. To register and book your seat, please go to the Probiota's registration page and enter the promotional code: PROBI20PBG23 for your discount.

Hope to see you soon!

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News - 7 Nov 2022

New study: Probiotics in connection with radiotherapy

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with Probi’s probiotic strains was shown to reduce gastrointestinal problems...

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Probi Osteo Effective Men News Banner 1500X625

News - 4 Jul 2022

New study: effects of Probi® Osteo in both genders

Research within the area of microbiota and bone mass is a new and very promising area for probiotics. An exciting new study shows...

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News - 9 Aug 2021

Three decades of research - LP299V® review publication

A brand-new review article is now published in the journal Beneficial Microbes, summarizing the comprehensive science supporting...

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