Event - 7 Apr 2021

Webinar – Discover the probiotic immune health solution

7 April, 2021

The extraordinary health challenges of today call for equally extraordinary solutions. Increased consumer demand has made probiotic immune health one of the fastest-growing supplement categories.

Just as some probiotic strains offer unique immune benefits, the level of clinical proof can vary greatly. Probi can help you select the best probiotic strains for your immune product and can show you how to use robust scientific evidence as the cornerstone of a successful product launch.

Learn about:

  • An effective, exclusive immune support solution based on two probiotic strains
  • Extensive documentation from multiple studies involving more than 1700 participants, both adults and children
  • The value of repetitive results from state-of-the-art clinical studies
  • The superior benefits that come from consumers’ “feeling the effect”

This webinar will be presented by Elisabet Nordström, Senior Research Scientist at Probi and Irini Lazou Ahrén, Senior Research Scientist at Probi.

7 April at 09:00 CET / 15:00 SGT. Duration: 45 minutes

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