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In this 20-minutes webcast, we will highlight important factors to consider when formulating a probiotic-based dietary supplement for immune support. Our panel with expertise in different areas of product development will guide you through topics including scientific, regulatory, and regional market perspectives.

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Growing consumer interest in better immune health

  • In recent years, consumers increasingly understand that overall health is closely linked to one's immune strength1 and merits a year-round effort.
  • Yet studies show that some consumers believe there’s a lack of effective supplements available on the market2.
  • Immune health is already a substantial probiotic market segment, only second to digestive health, and this market is expected to grow substantially in the next few years3.
  • Clinical evidence supporting probiotics is growing - clinical trials within probiotics immune area have grown by 44% in the last two years4.

The message is clear...

With the consumer demand, rapid market expansion, and supporting science aligned, the potential for developing new probiotic immune products has never been better.

Let Probi guide you into the probiotic immune health segment - watch our panel discussion to find out more.

Focus on immune health

View our infographic to further understand why now is a great time to join the probiotic immune health segment.

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2. Natural product Insider- Immune health, March 2022/Natural Marketing Institute (NMI)