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Probiotic health positions

Immune health

A foundation for strong immunity. 

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Digestive health

Good health begins with gut health.

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Bone health

Strong and robust bones is crucial for a healthy and active life.

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Iron absorption

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional challenge.

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Women's health

Health concerns typically shift over different stages of a woman's life.

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Senior health

During aging the microbiota composition might change.

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Children's health

The health of our kids is the number one priority for every parent.

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Comprehensive portfolio

Probi® offers a comprehensive portfolio, clinically proven strains, and unrivaled expertise. Our probiotics perform as promised and help your brand stand out. Explore our solutions: Probi ClinBac™ and Probi LiveBac®.

Probiotic Portfolio
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Studies you can trust

All of our health concepts, formulations, and delivery formats are backed by robust, state-of-the-art preclinical and clinical studies. We use tested research methodologies to develop evidence-based health concepts; patented, proven probiotics; and scientifically validated solutions.

Our Research
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Effective and reliable, from start to finish

From single colony to finished products bottled with your own label, our skilled in-house teams can carry you effortlessly through this highly specialized the process.

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Press Release - 27 Jun 2024

Probi[®] strengthens the Gut-Brain offering with new...

The increased focus on healthy aging – to live longer and stay healthy – drives consumers to seek ways to improve their health in...

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Probi® Sensia: Mind the gut. Count on better cognition.

Probi® Sensia is a new probiotic offering based on the proprietary strain L. plantarum HEAL9. This strain has been extensively...

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Synbiotics by Probi® and Clasado. Scientifically...

The probiotic and prebiotic components can interact in one of two ways. With a synergistic synbiotic, the prebiotic substrate...

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