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Expanding our expertise

New insights for a new approach

Our grounding in pure science and scientific inquiry shines through everything we do. We continuously pursue new insights that can lead us to unique health solutions that meet your consumers’ needs. Our process, from research to manufacturing, is fueled by a level of expertise that lets us shorten your time-to-market, without compromising quality.

We keep you one step ahead

Probi’s scientific team diligently studies the effects of probiotic bacteria on human health, including monitoring and reviewing international research to ensure that Probi’s innovations are based on the latest scientific findings.

Our team manages both product development and long-term research, with the goal of optimizing the process while still maintaining the highest level of quality control in each project we undertake. We collaborate with internationally acclaimed academic research groups to define new areas of interest that can help us keep our competitive edge.

Our lab is our heart

Our aim is to assure the quality of our products as well as confirming the stability of our probiotics in new and existing products. Our research is patented and protected under intellectual property law.

Support from start to finish

Our application development team formulates new products using a variety of technologies designed for specific applications, such as beverages, tablets and capsules. We collaborate closely with our customers, sharing our extensive product experience and knowledge of market launch requirements.

Vertically integrated. Quality driven

Drawing on our US-based production, Probi has the capability to ferment, formulate, produce, package, and distribute capsules and tablets.

To ensure quality control, we conduct regular audits and inspections of both our own and our subcontractors’ facilities.

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