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Owned and grown by Probi® and customized for you

Whether you’re looking for high-end, premium products or cost-effective solutions, Probi can help you develop custom probiotic formulations that meet your consumers’ needs— and exceed their expectations.

Meet your new development team

When you choose Probi, you choose a dedicated team of business development professionals who have years of experience helping customers select proprietary strains for unique products that help them achieve specific business targets.

We make complex formulations seem simple

Probi offers a diverse selection of strains that can be combined in an endless number of ways to achieve your CFU and shelf-life goals. Our sourcing team can procure compatible ingredients to round out your product, including adaptogens, prebiotics, and other complementary non-probiotic ingredients.

BIO-tract® protects probiotics

BIO-tract is a unique, proprietary delivery system that protects sensitive probiotic strains and dietary ingredients from stomach acid, protecting them on their journey to and through the intestinal tract. This innovative technology gives your sensitive probiotics a fighting chance in addition to a competitive advantage for your product.

Watch our video about BIO-tract below.

Let us lead you through the process

Together, we can turn consumer insight into targeted products for individual needs, including tailored health solutions for specific target groups, probiotics to address various health areas and deficiencies, and clinical substantiation. Finished format products are available either in bulk or bottled with your label. Proprietary flavor combinations are available for chewable tablets.

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