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Live, active, stable bacteria are requirements for effective bacteria —the kind that differentiates your product from its competitors in the most important way possible: by ensuring that they perform as promised.

Probi has spent years mastering the art and science of manufacturing probiotics. We know how to optimize fermentation, and how to safeguard the vitality of our bacteria at every stage. Repeated, rigorous testing and analysis throughout the process guarantee the quality, purity and safety of each strain.

With two production sites in the US and a worldwide partner network, we can source and supply products to and from all corners of the globe.

All of our manufacturing facilities adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and GMP standards.

Transforming knowledge into quality

The production of live, active probiotics is a highly specialized process—one that our skilled in-house teams have mastered, from single colony to finished product.

Quality control is in our DNA

All Probi manufacturing facilities are FDA inspected, operate under highly controlled cGMP, and are regularly audited by registered 3rd parties.

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Probi from start to finish

Probi’s two US-based manufacturing facilities offer complementary expertise. Together, they are capable of producing a complete product offering, including probiotic fermentation, nitrogen freezing, and freeze drying from our facility in Redmond, Washington; and dry blending, tableting, encapsulation, and packaging from our site in Lafayette, Colorado.

Our in-house fermentation capabilities enable us continuously to optimize the process, generating better yields, improved stability and purity, and an ever-expanding library of highly marketable strains.

Are you our next challenge?

We never stop searching—for new ways to improve human health; for the next probiotic breakthrough; for small, but effective ways to improve our processes and our relationships with customers. Our agile, cross-functional teams are ready to help you harness the power of the ‘next big thing.’

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