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Research shows a healthy gut improves brain function

The gut–brain axis is the two-way biochemical signaling that takes place between the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and the central nervous system (CNS, aka. brain). The term "gut–brain axis" is often used to refer to the role of the gut microbiota in this interplay.  

Chemicals released in the gut by the microbiome can vastly influence the development of the brain, starting from birth. The microbiome can influence the central nervous system by regulating brain chemistry and influencing neuro-endocrine systems associated with stress response, anxiety and memory function”. The gut, sometimes referred to as the “second brain”, functions off of the same type of neural network as the central nervous system, suggesting why it plays a significant role in brain function and mental health.

How can probiotics help?

In recent years the amount of studies investigating this relationship between the gut and brain has increased enormously. It started in animal studies showing clear connections between behavioral traits and the microbial composition, as well as connections to intake of probiotics. Clinical studies looking at probiotics and brain-functions are increasing as we speak, but just as with other probiotic supplements, bacterial strains are unique with different health effects after intake.

In all, several studies have shown that probiotics have the ability to affect the microbial balance, as well as have a potential role in the treatment and prevention of stress, cognitive dysfunction, mood-disorders, anxiety and even depression. 

How can Probi help?

Probi® Sensia is a new probiotic offering clinically shown to support the gut-brain axis. The concept is based on the proprietary strain Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HEAL9 (HEAL9™), a unique probiotic strain developed by Probi and protected by patents worldwide. HEAL9 is clinically proven to survive the digestive processes and colonize the gut. This strain has been extensively studied over the past 30 years, resulting in substantial clinical documentation of its measurable impact on gut-brain health, including cognition, memory function, mood, and sleep quality. Learn more about Probi® Sensia

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