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Every cutting-edge probiotic solution starts with a vital, but simple, question: How can we improve human health? With this goal in mind, Probi® continuously looks for new insights and fresh perspectives to lead us to innovative probiotic solutions that create genuine value for people. Our innovative, proven probiotic solutions, based on state-of-the-art research, add a unique competitive edge to your product.

Add innovation

Probi® combines innovative R&D with the trends in science and research. Our ground-breaking probiotic solutions are the perfect building blocks for creating custom health concepts, formulations, and delivery formats that offer clear, easy-to-communicate benefits, which appeal to consumers and help differentiate your brand.

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Add science 

We offer patented, safe and scientifically proven solutions that are supported by robust, state-of-the-art preclinical and clinical studies. Using validated research methodologies, we can help you develop evidence-based health concepts and proven probiotics.

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Add performance 

To ensure their survival, we manage stable, live bacteria throughout the manufacturing process. Our dedicated in-house researchers, solid focus on probiotics, and deep understanding of production enable us to create sustainable, reliable solutions, from initial research to finished products.

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Add passion 

Working with Probi® gives you instant access to flexible, cross-functional teams that combine a passion for probiotics with outstanding manufacturing expertise. Our agile, responsive organization is dedicated to discovering new ways to create true customer value and lasting partnerships that grow as your business grows.

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