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Scientifically backed synbiotic combinations that meet your needs

The probiotic and prebiotic components can interact in one of two ways. With a synergistic synbiotic, the prebiotic substrate selectively nourishes the probiotic strain to enhance its benefit. The result can be an increased targeted health benefit from the combination, compared to the prebiotic and probiotic acting independently. Alternatively, with a complementary synbiotic, the prebiotic and probiotic contribute their distinguished health benefits separately from one another.

Putting science at the heart of synbiotics

The synbiotics by Probi and Clasado combine the most researched probiotic strains with the most comprehensively studied galactooligosaccharide (GOS) prebiotic available on the market. Bimuno® GOS is supported by over 110 publications, including more than 20 clinical trials, while Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® boast over 250 publications, including 80+ clinical trials. These synbiotic concepts represent truly scientifically backed combinations, offering either a unique and novel gut health position or an overall gut-immune concept.

Synbiotic effects of probiotic and prebiotic products are commonly hypothesized, but rarely supported by scientific evidence. Probi and Clasado are working to advance this field of study. The companies’ research teams set out to investigate whether measurable synbiotic effects exist when Bimuno GOS is combined with either Probi Defendum or Probi Digestis.


Join us for an exciting webinar on 4th of June where our panel of experts will be discussing a range of topics in the synbiotic field, including latest trends, insights from the recent synbiotic research, as well as how synbiotics can add scientific value to meet not just today, but tomorrow’s consumer needs.

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Synergistic effect

The combination of Probi Defendum and Bimuno GOS offers a synergistic synbiotic concept, which represents the first scientifically backed combination on the market, to offer a unique and navel overall gut-immune proposition.

"A synergistic synbiotic is a mixture of a selectively utilized substrate and a live microbe chosen for its ability to deliver a health effect. Components comprising synergistic synbiotics work together to bring about a resulting health benefit(s)." ISAPP, 2020.

Effects of Bimuno GOS + Probi Defendum®:

  • Increases lactate and butyrate production
  • Improves microbial growth of L. paracasei and B. longum
  • No impact on gas production – no risk for flatulence/bloating
  • Additional immune-strengthening properties by both components
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Complementary effect

The combination of Probi Digestis and Bimuno GOS offers a complementary synbiotic concept that features the mest researched ingredients of their kind in the market, providing a unique and navel complementary gut-health position.

"A complementary synbiotic is a mixture of probiotic(s) + prebiotic(s). Each works independently to achieve one or more health benefits." ISAPP, 2020.

Effects of Bimuno GOS + Probi Digestis®:

  • Bimuno GOS increases butyrate production and supports the growth of good bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria
  • Digestis supports gut barrier and increases the overall microbiota diversity
  • Comprehensive clinical support for improved gut health

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