Business Strategy


Probi Henrik Lundkvist 2022 240X240

Henrik Lundkvist


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Overall Goal:
Doubled sales

Organic growth and strategic acquisitions

  • Stronger position in scientifically validated products for gastrointestinal and immune health
  • Increased presence in the US, China and other growth markets
  • Greater number of key global customers
  • More strategic partnerships and acquisitions in relevant geographies and segments


Overall Goal:
Lead the way in innovation and development

Higher development rate of new products

  • Expanded range with more clinically documented offers
  • Higher number of international research collaborations
  • Evaluation of growth potential in areas related to probiotics

Overall Goal:
Manufacturing excellence

Efficient manufacturing

  • Facilities with guaranteed high-quality production capacity, adapted to market needs
  • New manufacturing capabilities in growth regions
  • Focus on long-term improved gross margins