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Our strategy

Our strategy is to achieve sustainable and profitable growth by striving for excellence in four key strategic focus areas.

Commercial Execution & Customer Centricity

The first strategic focus is Commercial Execution & Customer Centricity. Through improving our customers’ experience and extending our internal understanding of our customers we will expand our global base of key account customers and grow our position on our science-based products, with a focus on Tier 1 markets.

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Pioneering Science & Innovation

The second strategic focus is Pioneering Science & Innovation. We will continue being first in probiotics by ensuring a continuous rate of market relevant innovation, by enhancing speed to market, and by continuously expanding our range of clinically documented probiotic offerings. We will also evaluate scientific benefits and growth potential of other biotics.

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Providing Differentiated Quality Solutions

The third focus, Providing Differentiated Quality Solutions, refers to our competitive edge of delivering products through the entire value-chain, from concentrated probiotic ingredients to finished consumer product. We will focus on long-term improvement of the gross margins by optimizing our internal manufacturing processes and through supply chain effectiveness we will deliver better customer experience. We will address the need for new production opportunities or contract manufacturing in growth regions and optimize manufacturing footprint as business opportunities appear.

All three focus areas above will be reinforced by leveraging strategic external partnerships, international research collaborations and/or acquisitions within relevant health areas, geographies, and segments.

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People with a Shared Purpose and Passion for Probiotics

The fourth focus, and the foundation for successful implementation of the strategy is having People with a Shared Purpose and Passion for Probiotics. We aim to have a healthy and thriving organization driven by our shared purpose and goal to provide probiotics for healthier lives and a healthier planet.

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