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Basudha Bhattarai Johansson

VP HR & Sustainability

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Our people are our heart

Their contributions, knowledge, and devotion keep it beating

Probi® employees are innovative, passionate, and driven to develop products that help people everywhere live healthier lives.

We work together in cross-functional teams that stretch far beyond geographical and cultural boundaries to bring the very best products to our customers and consumers. Our diverse workforce includes four generations and multiple nationalities working together in a dynamic, fast-paced, and supportive work environment.

Read more about social responsibility and workforce diversity here.

Learn about the 4 Cs—the key to Probi's core

We are:

  • Credible in our field, with products that deliver
  • Curious and open to trying new ways of working
  • Committed and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we, and our products, meet customer expectations
  • Clear in all our dealings, both internally, and externally with partners and customers

Last, but not least, we offer compensation that is aligned to your experience, with benefits that balance short-term rewards and long-term security.


Join us!

If you want your ideas to be heard, your contributions to have impact, and your job to be fun, join us!

See our current Job Openings here.

If you are interested in an internship and/or thesis collaboration, please contact for more information.

Now Hiring in the USA! Text "Jobs" to (888) 204-2240

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