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Probi is dedicated to helping people everywhere live healthier lives. We believe that the best way to reach this goal is by making clinically proven probiotics accessible to everyone.

Our vision is to be the innovative front runner within probiotics. Our ambition is to improve the well-being of people worldwide. This is what drives and inspires us. Our business model is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. 

Environmental sustainability

Working for sustainable development and a better environment is vital to Probi’s focus on health and well-being. We have integrated this approach into our daily operations, continually implementing small improvements that lessen our environmental impact.

For additional key environmental performance indicators, please see our Probi Sustainability reports here.

Probi works continuously to address climate change and reduce our environmental impact.

Probi has several policies in place aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, including hiring professional freight carriers and curbing non-essential travel.

When crucial travel cannot be avoided, we purchase carbon footprint offsets through our participation in sustainable pastures projects in Mongolia.

We also work in partnership with ZeroMission, in accordance with Plan Vivo standards.

Social sustainability

We offer a safe working environment for all of our employees. We believe in the power of diversity and ensure that all of our processes are fair, consistent and welcoming. Our current workforce is gender balanced and represents 4 generations.

Probi’s code of conduct defines the way we act at work, and provides direction on behalf of the Company. The code addresses: human rights, equality, business principles, and working conditions.

At Probi, equal treatment and equal opportunities apply to everyone, regardless of ethnic, social, or national origins, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation, or age.

Read more about our sustainability measures.

Economic stability

Probi adheres to stringent business ethics guidelines. Our anti-corruption policies are in place to prevent, deter and detect corruption.

Additional policies, including the Trade Sanctions policy and Probi’s code of conduct are also in force. We respect all international conventions on human rights and strictly prohibit child labor and/or forced labor of any kind in any of our operations.


Probi Sustainability Report 2020 Probi Sustainability Report 2019
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