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The key to your cutting edge

Probi is an innovative, experienced provider of clinically proven probiotic strains and solutions. We use our state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing expertise to help our customers develop stand-out products that offer true value to consumers. Learn more about how we can add value to your product through innovation, science, performance and passion.

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Customized solutions keep you competitive

Probi knows it’s not enough to have the highest-quality active probiotic strains on the market. Appealing, on-trend formulas, and formats that fulfill consumers’ demands mean the difference between products that sit on the shelf—and those that fly off. That’s why Probi continuously develops new and improved formulations and customized products designed to keep you competitive. Why not put our experience to work for you?

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State-of-the-art manufacturing

The production of live, active probiotics is a highly specialized process. To make sure it’s done right, Probi relies on skilled, in-house teams based at our production sites, or teams created by our network of trusted manufacturing partners. This flexibility makes it easy to source and supply products to—and from–all of our global partners. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and GMP standards.

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Quality matters 

Stable, robust, effective probiotics are what we do. That’s why we check, check, and check again, at every stage of the manufacturing process, to ensure that our probiotics reach the shelf not only living, but thriving. Our passion for live cultures carries us from fermentation to finished product—and straight to you.

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Passionate about partnership 

We’re as passionate about boosting our customers’ brands as we are about boosting consumers’ health. Our flexible, cross-functional teams are ready to offer the support, experience and expertise you need to succeed.

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