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Is Probi a full service probiotic manufacturer, offering turnkey solutions?

At Probi, our expertise supports you through the entire process: from selecting the right probiotic strains for your product to the best package selection.

Through our facilities in the USA, we offer in-house production which enables improved lead times and minimizes risk. This complete control of the manufacturing process secures the highest quality.

We also work with third party manufacturers in parts of the world. Our experience includes in-house fermentation, capsulating, tableting and packaging; all helping us to secure the same premium quality from our partners.

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Can Probi produce my customized product idea?

Yes. At Probi, we are very open to helping our customers differentiate their products by adding innovative ingredients to produce new customized products. The first step is to verify if the ingredient composition is stable together with the probiotic bacteria and then, whether this formulation blend is compatible with the selected product format (tablet, capsule, etc.).

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We need to differentiate our product in the market. What different product formats can you produce?

In addition to probiotic bulk powder in unique blends with several probiotic strains and active ingredients, we have a wide range of differentiation options to meet your consumer needs. We offer capsules and tablets in different sizes. Tablets are available in both oblong and sphere shapes, and our chewable tablets come in a variety of flavors. We also offer Fast Melt powder in sachets.

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Can Probi help us combine probiotics with our own ingredients?

Yes. We can source, qualify, and purchase the ingredients you need for your probiotic formulation, or you can supply them yourself. However, it’s important to verify that the ingredient does not have a negative impact on the probiotic strain.

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How can Probi manufacturing technology help us differentiate in the market?

Probi BIO-tract® is a unique release technology for tablets - A patented delivery system that protects sensitive probiotic strains and dietary ingredients from stomach acid, protecting them on their journey to and through the intestinal tract to ensure that your customer gets the full benefit of the probiotic.

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Can Probi manufacture fully bottled, private label products?

Yes, we can create customized probiotic formulas, fully bottled with your label. To ensure that your label and consumer information is accurate, we can provide regulatory support.

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What kind of bottling and packaging can Probi provide?

The correct packaging is essential to safely protect the product on the journey from production to consumer usage. We work closely with you and packaging companies, sharing knowledge to provide you with the best packaging choice available.

To guarantee shelf life in dry applications, the product must be protected against moisture both during and after packaging. To ensure this, we offer HDPE plastic bottles (High Density Polyethylene), one of the most versatile plastics available. It offers a strong water barrier that’s critical for probiotic stability. From 2022 we will also be able to offer CSP bottles from our facilities in Lafayette.

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Does Probi offer dual sourcing and/or multi sourcing?

Yes. Probi offers dual sourcing and multi sourcing to secure you with the most reliable delivery. We combine in-house production in the USA with a global network of third-party manufacturing partners.

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What certifications do you offer?

Probi probiotics are manufactured in a GMP certified facility, both in-house and through our external partners. All Probi manufacturing facilities are FDA inspected, operate under highly controlled cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), and are regularly audited by registered third parties.

Our fermentation facilities in Redmond, WA, hold NSF International certification for dietary supplements, and our strains are certified halal, kosher, and Non-GMO Project verified.

Our Lafayette, CO, manufacturing facility holds NSF International and UL certification (Underwriter Laboratories) for dietary supplements, as well as NSF certification for sport supplements.

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How does Probi secure premium quality?

We possess over 30 years of experience in the highly specialized bacteria growth process. This experience has taught us the best way to optimize fermentation and safeguard the vitality of our bacteria at every stage. This safeguarding extends through storage, environmental impact during blending, tableting, packaging and elsewhere.

At Probi, we conduct repeated, rigorous testing and analysis throughout the process to guarantee the quality, purity, and safety of each strain. And, of course, all our manufacturing facilities adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and GMP standards.

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Can Probi make organic and vegetarian products?

Yes, but regulations depend on the region, so you should consult with our sales representatives for your specific area or market.

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Are Probi products dairy and/or allergen free?

Yes, our strains are allergen free. Note that externally sourced ingredients should also be secured free from dairy and/or allergens.

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