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Flexible delivery formats for dietary supplements

Stable probiotic solutions to meet your brand’s needs

Probi's stable, high-quality probiotics are ideal as dietary supplements or in other consumer health products. And our knowledge of probiotics means we can provide you with the expertise you need to create a competitive and effective product formulated to meet shelf life requirements.

Flexible and customized

To meet your brand’s needs, we can deliver our probiotic strains either in a concentrated powder for your own application development and production, or as a finished product. We offer a wide range of delivery formats including capsules, tablets, chewable tablets, spheres, Fast Melt sticks, and powder.

Assuring stability and shelf life

When producing and formulating dietary supplements with live bacteria, it is very important to assure stability. All strains must be robust enough to survive manufacturing processes, storage, and finally the passage through the gut. At Probi we are passionate about performance, and our expertise in both probiotic formulation and manufacturing means we know how to guide you all the way from idea to your high-quality finished product. 



We can deliver our robust probiotic strains in the form of high-quality vegetable capsules with a shelf life of up to 24 months in ambient conditions. 


Chewable tablets

Our great-tasting, high-quality chewable tablets have no added sugar and a shelf life of up to 18 months in ambient conditions.

Tablets and Spheres

Tablets and spheres

Choose from a variety of tablet sizes and shapes, including our innovative sphere format, which is also available as a chewables. Our high-quality tablets have a shelf life of 12-24 months in ambient conditions.

Powder DS

Bulk powder

Our stable and robust probiotic strains are also available as bulk powder for use in your own production of finished products. Shelf life is 12 months when stored in the original, sealed package at below -20°C.

Probi®Fast Melt

Probi® Fast Melt is a novel product format that is ideal for both children and adults, is easy to use and offers a combination of convenience and great taste. As innovators at heart, we continuously develop new consumer-friendly delivery options. One of our patented innovations is Probi® Fast Melt, a probiotic stick that melts in your mouth with no need for water. This product formulation is easy to use and offers a combination of convenience and great taste.

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Fast Melt

BIO-tract® protects probiotics

BIO-tract is a unique, proprietary delivery system that protects sensitive probiotic strains and dietary ingredients from stomach acid, protecting them on their journey to and through the intestinal tract. This innovative technology gives your sensitive probiotics a fighting chance in addition to a competitive advantage for your product. Watch BIO-tract video

Protective packaging for a longer life

Our love of living bacteria even extends to giving them protective packaging. Because to guarantee stability with a long shelf life in dry applications, the product must be protected against moisture both during and after packaging. That’s why we at Probi are constantly testing existing and new packaging solutions to see how they affect the shelf life of our probiotics. We also work closely with packaging companies and customers to share knowledge. We can recommend different packaging solutions to meet your consumers’ specific needs.

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