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Take advantage of our broad menu of probiotic possibilities

From the start, Probi® has been exploring new ways to bring the health benefits of probiotics to people all over the world by developing tasty, appealing food & beverages. We created our first fruit drink concept as early as 1994, and it remains very successful. Today our probiotic strains – and our expertise – can be applied across a wide range of food & beverage categories, including chilled beverages, chilled dairy products, chilled plant-based products, frozen desserts, powder formulas, gummies, and confectionery. And as your passionate partner, we will support you and help you develop competitive and attractive product applications that meet your customers’ needs.

Fruit Drinks

Fruit drinks

Our highly successful probiotic fruit drink concept has been on the market in Scandinavia and the USA since 1994 and is available in a wide variety of flavors.

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Deliver that extra boost with a fruit- or plant-based drink that contains a higher concentration of bacteria than your fruit juices or fruit drinks.

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Carbonated beverages

The market for low-calorie and sparkling functional drinks is growing fast. Together we can energize it with the benefits of probiotics.

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Carbonated beverages

Create an innovative recovery drink containing Probi’s high-quality probiotic strains and carefully selected vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. It is the perfect product to support a consumer with an active lifestyle.


Chilled dairy products

Adding probiotic strains to dairy products is a traditional concept. Add value to your dairy product by fortifying it with probiotic strains.

Plant Based

Plant-based products

The plant based market is growing fast as a new generation is adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Our vegan, non-GMO probiotic strains add new benefits to an already popular product segment.

Ice Cream

Frozen desserts and ice-cream

Ice cream and other frozen desserts is a suitable product for delivering live probiotics to the gut microbiota and enhancing overall digestive health.


Powder formulas

Delivering probiotics in products with a long shelf life in ambient temperatures is another suitable vehicle for delivering live probiotics to the gut microbiota.

How We Can Help

We are probiotic experts, and we want to support food and beverage manufacturers to create a probiotic product that meet their consumer and market needs. We support our partners with market insights, product development and stability testing.

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