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Probi from start to finish

Probi’s two US-based manufacturing facilities offer complementary expertise. Together, they are capable of producing a complete product offering, including probiotic fermentation, nitrogen freezing, and freeze drying from our facility in Redmond, Washington; and dry blending, tableting, encapsulation, and packaging from our site in Lafayette, Colorado.

Strain selection

We maintain an extensive probiotics strain library, where all strains are well characterized and tested for safety and other aspects. Selected strains are further tested for the ability to be produced in high concentration, excellent quality, and good stability.

Bacteria production

Our in-house fermentation capabilities enable us to continuously optimize the process, generating better yields, improved stability and purity, and an ever-expanding library of highly marketable probiotic strains.

Finished products

Probiotic powder is harvested and will be further processed into culture concentrated blend, capsules, tablets and more. After a product formula is established, it takes a full team from Production to Quality to Packaging and Shipment to get the final product to our customers.

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Probi probiotics manufacturing process

Want to know more about our manufacturing process?

We understand the highly specialized process of producing live, active bacteria. Our production sites in the US, and a worldwide partner network, enable us to source and supply products to and from all corners of the globe. Get in touch with us for more information on our production facilities, processes, and standards.

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