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Why you should invest in Probi

1. Strong trends are driving the market.

Several global trends and driving forces are creating increased demand for Probi’s products. The global market for probiotic supplements is expected to grow by just over 20% by 2025.

2. Clear strategy for growth.    

Probi will grow through a stronger market presence and greater market share in key markets. Organic growth will be complemented by strategic partnerships and acquisitions.     


3. World class research and development.  

Our research and development is based on the customer needs we identify in the market. We do not touch a test tube without knowing that there is a market for the product. We are at the forefront of research and development in probiotics – a position we will never relinquish.

4. We contribute to a healthier life.

Probi provides high quality probiotics, supported by science. Therefore we can contribute to a healthier life for consumers all over the world.

5. Control over the value chain.

Probi is a vertically integrated global probiotics Group with control over the entire value chain – from research and development, formulation, and production to sales and marketing.