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Oral health - A path to overall health 

The oral cavity connects the outside environment to the rest of the gastrointestinal tract and inner body. There is a vast number of bacteria in the oral cavity, and the balance between possible pathogenic bacteria and the commensal species are as important in the oral microbiota as in other parts of the body. The microbiota is not only important for the oral cavity alone, but for overall systemic health.

One of the most prevalent bacterial species found in the oral cavity is Streptococci. They have the ability to colonize all surfaces in the oral tract. Streptococci colonizes both the hard surfaces; teeth, and the soft surfaces; the gums and tongue.1 When bacteria colonize the hard surfaces they create a biofilm, also known as plaque. The plaque can with time be dominated by Gram-negative bacteria which may cause oral health concerns such as bad breath and gum disease.2 A daily dental hygiene including mechanical cleaning is therefore recommended to keep plaque formations a bay.

The oral microbiota is also believed to play a crucial part in the maturation and maintenance of the upper respiratory immunity.3 It also acts as a gatekeeper for possible pathogens to enter the lower respiratory tract, as the lungs, as well as to pass further down the gastrointestinal tract. A balanced oral microbiota is thereby crucial to maintain and promote overall health.1 

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How can probiotics help?

Multiple clinical trials have shown that certain probiotic bacteria can support the oral microbiota and promote a balanced microbial diversity. By doing so, the clinical impact may be decreased risk of developing gum disease, bad breath, cavities, upper respiratory tract infections, as well as decreased plaque formation and even support for overall health maintenance.

In the latest years research has even connected a dysbiotic oral microbiome to several lifestyle health complications and diseases.1 Adding daily probiotics into the oral health regime thereby offers an easy target for promotion of general health.

How can Probi® help?

Probiotics from Probi can support oral health by establishing and preserving a well-balanced and diverse oral microbiota. Probi offers a comprehensive portfolio of probiotics, including strains backed by extensive clinical studies, which have been specially developed to support all aspects of oral health; from decreased plaque formation to upper respiratory tract support.

BLIS® by Probi® offers two proprietary and scientifically proven probiotic strains; BLIS K12™ and BLIS M18™. Both strains have been extensively researched and shown to colonize the oral cavity and supports healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the mouth.

  • BLIS K12™ specifically support ear and throat immune health in both children and adults.
  • BLIS M18™ specifically targets the oral cavity and has been shown to support healthy teeth and gums

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