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We begin each new project with a simple question: How can we improve human health?

Probi closely follows global health trends, and continuously searches for new insights and fresh perspectives to help us address some of the most common health issues that affect the global population. This straightforward approach has led to significant discoveries and clinically proven therapies in the areas of gastrointestinal and immune health.

While these two health areas may be the best known and most thoroughly documented, Probi also leads the way in developing probiotics and solutions to support other areas of human health, most recently by launching our new mental health offering. In addition, we offer targeted probiotic solutions that address iron absorption and bone health, which are areas where probiotic supplementation has shown great promise.

Probi also provide broad, holistic concepts aimed at supporting people as they progress through life. To name a few, these include children’s health, senior health, and probiotics aimed at supporting the unique needs of women from childhood through early and late adulthood.

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