Probiotics for health and wellness

Probi has identified 3 of the 17 UN Sustainability Developmental Goals (SDGs) as aligned with the company’s business model and sustainability agenda. One of these three goals is the third SDG, “Good Health and Wellbeing”. Learn how this goal aligns with Probi’s work via the story of one of our employees, Fiona, Product Management Associate.

In 2015, while studying International Management in China, Fiona would adventurously sample some of the delicious street food in Shanghai while exploring the city. Fiona fell ill and became increasingly sensitive towards spices, meat products, high fiber food and a number of other foods that now strained her system.

“One day it became so bad that I couldn’t eat or drink anything and was rushed off to the hospital where I was for three days. They figured out it was an e-coli infection. They treated the infection with anti-biotics.” Fiona shares.

Upon returning home from the hospital, Fiona was still highly sensitive towards all kinds of food. This forced her to only eat oatmeal, rice and other bland products that wouldn’t cause pain to her disrupted stomach and strained esophagus.

"It has a great impact, mentally"

It is tough when you can’t eat normally anymore. It stresses you a lot when your body can’t digest the food in a normal manner. -- Fiona Westermeier, Product Management Associate

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Fast forward, half a year later, while visiting her parents in Marburg, Germany, Fiona sought advice from the family doctor. The doctor, after hearing Fiona’s story, put her on a course of probiotics.

“I felt the beneficial effects of the probiotics almost at once, but it was especially after using it for some time that the symptoms disappeared and I could eat normal stuff again, all the dishes that I love. My life quality was instantly raised”, Fiona says.

Coming into contact with probiotics certainly changed Fiona’s life for the better. The facilitation in the healing of gastroenteritis is but one example of where Probiotics assist in the betterment of the human existence. Fiona has since her experience become an ardent advocate of their usage and can but recommend it to everybody, especially seeing the growing range of new probiotics and their applications that are frequently discovered.

While Fiona’s case is not an isolated example of how anti-biotics may cause disruption to the microbiome of its user, it shows us that probiotics may contribute in positive ways. Much clinical research has been conducted into its beneficial effects, and there is continuing research being advanced in this field. It is among Probi’s main goals to contribute to a more sustainable world by assisting in the wellness and health of its inhabitants through probiotics.

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