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Our Policy Framework

Probi is dedicated to helping people everywhere live healthier lives. We believe that the best way to reach this goal is by making probiotics accessible to everyone. Our vision is to be the innovative front runner within probiotics. Our ambition is to improve the well-being of people worldwide.

As a company, Probi complies with the laws and regulations required of us and we take responsibility in ensuring that our development is healthy, ethical and sustainable.

Our policies guide us in both essential areas and on specific key issues, necessary for a firm framework from which to create the appropriate opportunities for success in accordance with our high ethical standards.

Through expansive and responsible growth, we welcome all stakeholders to collaborate with us to ensure a sustainable development.

Environmental Sustainability

Probi acknowledges and accepts responsibility for the natural capital we manage in relation to our business, for the benefit of current and future generations. Probi has therefore put sustainability at the core of its business model and integrated it throughout the company, which we believe is a good business praxis for not only Probi but even the partners of Probi.

Dedicated to reducing the environmental impact, Probi actively addresses climate change by adhering to these policies:

  • The curbing non-essential travel (Travel Policy)
  • For the unavoidable travel by air, carbon footprint offsets are employed in collaboration with a ZeroMission sustainable rural project
  • Climate and Environmental Policy


Social Responsibility

Probi values its employees. To ensure a balanced and safe work environment, policies have been put in place to guarantee secure and fostering conditions conductive to a wholesome workplace. By following these principles and policies, Probi strives to continuously host and improve working conditions for our employees.


Economic Stability

Probi has strict Business ethical guidelines and policies in place to ensure proper business conduct, fair transactions and all is conducted in accordance with the required laws and regulations. These include:


Probi follows these policies, is dedicated to these commitments, and has implemented targets to continue our development towards the best possible practices. We measure these targets via a set range of KPIs that ensure our insight into our ongoing goal of sustainable excellence.

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