Building trust with probiotics

Elevate your brand with clinically developed probiotics

More and more consumers are expected to prioritize product features tied to efficacy, safety and trust. This important trend will influence consumer health sales in the next five years according to Euromonitor’s 2021 Consumer Health Survey*.

As the global probiotics market continues to grow, dietary supplement brands are focusing on clinically proven probiotics to raise their competitive edge. Probi ClinBac™ is an exclusive range of probiotic health concepts based on unique probiotic strains. These concepts are built upon a wealth of science - supported by multiple clinical studies that demonstrate proven safety and efficacy in specific health conditions, including digestive, immune, bone health, and improved iron status.

Do you want to understand the mode of action of these probiotic health concepts and how they can be used to build consumer trust? Let our Science Manager, Caroline Montelius Ph.D., bring you through the following webinars, click on the links below to watch them.

Webinars: Understand the probiotic mode of action

*Source: Euromonitor International Voice of the Industry: Consumer Health Survey 2021 (Link)

Watch our explainer videos to discover further

The video playlist below contains the explainer video of Probi Digestis®Probi FerroSorb® and Probi® Osteo.

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Probi FerroSorb® - Probiotics for increased iron uptake

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Probi®Osteo - Supporting strong bones

In most people under the age of 30, the continuous formation and breakdown of bone tissue (remodelling) follows a predictable,...

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