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News - 15 Dec 2020

New immune study bolsters Probi Defendum®

In one of the largest immune studies ever performed with probiotics, Probi Defendum once again confirms positive effects in supporting the immune system and its ability to fight common colds.

Many people are trying to reduce exposure towards bacteria and viruses these days. But microbes, such as probiotics, could be essential for good health. Several clinical studies have shown that probiotics may support immune health. Probi Defendum is one of the most studied probiotic concepts within this field. Repeated clinical studies confirm its ability to support a healthy immune system.

Recently one of the largest clinical studies in probiotics and immune health was published in The Journal of Nutrition. The study included almost 900 healthy adults and lasted over three winter seasons. State-of-the-art clinical methodology was used in this trial, which was randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled.

The result once again confirmed a strong clinically shown immune support of Probi Defendum. The participants in the probiotic group experienced significantly fewer common cold episodes, compared to the placebo group, and fewer recurring colds.

“Probi Defendum is now supported by 4 clinical studies, which repeatedly have shown a beneficial effect. In addition, the study provided new data to support the hypothesized mechanism of action, i.e readying the immune system and supporting a complementary inflammatory response” explains Titti Niskanen, Director R&D & Clinical Operations.

We all know the benefits of a strong and healthy immune system, which has been particularly important this year. On average adults suffer from 2-4 episodes of common cold and upper respiratory tract infections per year and children as many as 6-8 yearly episodes. This means many sick days and absence from daycare and workplaces. The new data once again show that Probi Defendum can safely be used to support a healthy immune system and it’s ability to fight the common cold.

Read the full article in The Journal of Nutrition.

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