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News - 14 Aug 2023

New study shows Probi strain supports and improves cognitive performance

In a newly published study Probi´s proprietary strain L. plantarum HEAL9, HEAL9™, was shown to significantly improve cognitive performance. The result of the study is encouraging ahead of Probi's launch of a new product in the gut-brain area.

Consumer interest in mental health and wellness is rapidly growing and the understanding of the important connection between the microbiome in the gut and mood, cognition and mental health continues to increase. Probiotic supplements supporting mental health and wellness are forecasted to have a significant market growth of 44% in the coming 10 years, from 140 million USD 2023 to 202 million USD 2033*. The connection is often referred to as the gut-brain axis, a bi-directional communication between the gut microbiota and neural, endocrinal, and immune pathways. Studies in both animals and humans have shown that probiotics can reduce anxiety-like behavior, decrease stress and stress-related gastrointestinal dysfunction, as well as impact circulating levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines.

The randomized controlled study investigated the effects of the HEAL9™ strain on stress, cognition, sleep and mood in 129 healthy but stressed individuals. The data showed significantly improved learning and working memory after consumption of HEAL9™ for 12 weeks compared to placebo. There were also strong tendencies for improved mood and sleep in the HEAL9™ group. This is the third clinical study in mental health documenting strong results on HEAL9™.

“Mental health and wellness is a field with significant growth potential. This complementary study demonstrates that our strain HEAL9™ has a strong clinically proven effect in the gut-brain area and boosts our confidence ahead of the official launch of our new product at Supply Side West in Las Vegas in October." says Anita Johansen, CEO of Probi.

The study “Intake of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HEAL9 Improves Cognition in Moderately Stressed Subjects: A Randomized Controlled Study” was recently published in Nutrients (2023) 15 (15), 3466, and can be found here.


Read the entire press release here.

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