Press Release - 23 May 2024

Probi[®] strengthen its position in the Asia-Pacific region through strong customer collaborations

The APAC region is the largest probiotic market and stands for nearly 50% of the total global market. It is also the strongest growing market driven by China which stands for 50% of the APAC region. China is the second largest probiotic market, after US, with a value of 2 000 MUSD (2023) and with an estimated growth of 12,8% the coming years (2023-2028).1

Last week Probi held the first Probi CID in Shanghai to strengthen our relations and collaborations with our customers. More than 30 customers participated, and presentations about the company’s China strategic focus and capabilities were presented together with our product solutions, new clinical studies, and coming innovation pipeline. The day ended with a grand Signing Ceremony with Sinopharm to mark the significance of our existing partnership and to declare our long-term intention to work towards future success in the China market together.

Probi also participated in the China International Natural Health & Nutrition Expo in Shanghai, a large-scale event in health, nutrition, and dietary supplements. With a highly experienced Probi team in place, supported by our distributor Yolem, our presence at NHNE contributed to growing our future customer pipeline through good discussions and show casing of our probiotic solutions. We also delivered a scientific presentation on how our newest mental health concept, Probi Sensia, can support cognitive, sleep, and mood states.

“APAC is an interesting and important growing region and activities like CID and NHNE will successfully help us deliver attractive solutions to our customers to accelerate business growth and deliver on our long-term growth ambitions” says Karen Ong, Head of Asia-Pacific at Probi.

Probi´s CEO Anita Johansen ended the week in Seoul, South Korea, visiting one of our newest customers, DongSung Bio Pharm. They plan to launch several probiotic products containing Probi strains, and the CEOs of our respective companies signed business agreements to confirm the initiation of our future long-term partnership.

“The strengthened customer relationships and new partnerships we have created during this visit in China and South Korea is important to deliver future growth both for our customers and for Probi” says Anita Johansen, CEO at Probi.

1 Euromonitor 2023

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