News - 6 Jul 2021

New strategic partnership with Blis Technologies

Probi has invested approximately NZD 9 million in newly issued shares in Blis Technologies Ltd, corresponding to a 13% ownership. The investment is part of a long-term strategic collaboration between the companies.

Blis Technologies, which is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange NZX, is an innovative probiotic company with clinically documented bacterial strains for supporting our natural immune defense, preventing infections of the mouth and throat. The strains also contribute to a healthy set of teeth and gums. Blis’ clinically documented strains have a long and successful history of use in New Zealand, Australia and Asia, as well as in Europe and in North America.

Long-term strategic partnership

In connection with the investment, Probi® and Blis have signed a licensing and distribution agreement which means that Probi will manufacture Blis bacterial strains and offer these to Probi's customers around the world. The companies will furthermore collaborate in research and development.

Blis is an innovative and dynamic company with a high scientific profile supporting its products and a long history of research. Through this partnership, Probi will be able to broaden our portfolio with more health areas and strengthen our position within clinically documented bacterial strains.

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