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Probiotic solutions, custom-made for you

Probi LiveBac® offers Probi’s broadest range of active probiotic strains and species for use in dietary supplements, functional food products, and gummies. Probi LiveBac® offers pure cultures, blends, and finished products, available in a wide variety of formulas.

All Probi LiveBac® strains have a significant safe history of use, including extensive historical use in commercial blends and finished products.

Expertise at every step

Probi® offers solid manufacturing experience and expertise. With rigorous analysis and testing at every stage of production, we can guarantee that our probiotics survive the manufacturing process. Our facilities operate according to GMP and carry multiple certifications in the local countries where they operate.

All Probi LiveBac® strains have an extensive history of commercial use as stand-alone probiotics and in blends, both for supplements and functional food products. Most strains and products are available allergen-free, kosher and halal; all are non-GMO and non-animal derived.

All strains have been genetically identified and validated with assigned safe deposit numbers.


Customized Formulations

  • Single or multi-species blends
  • Selected excipients and other ingredients

Finished product

  • Variety of application formats: powders, capsules, tablets, chewables and spheres
  • Available as bulk, or as finished, bottled products


  • Finished product in plastic bottles, multiple sizes available
  • Bulk powder: polyethylene-lined aluminum or mylar bags, 1–25 kg.


  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and QPS status, history of safe use in commercial products.


  • A unique, patented delivery technology available for the protection of sensitive probiotic strains and for a consistent intestinal release.


Our experience – your potential

Probi LiveBac® offers a wide range of live and active probiotic cultures in a variety of formats for every application. We are passionate about researching and manufacturing naturally beneficial probiotics, and formulating the brand-differentiating products consumers demand.

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