News - 4 Jul 2022

New study indicates effect of Probi® Osteo in both genders

Research within the area of microbiota and bone mass is a new and very promising area for probiotics. An exciting new study show that supplementation of the probiotic concept Probi® Osteo can prevent bone loss in male mice. The study was designed to mimic ageing men. Besides preventing bone loss, preservation of lean body mass and total body mass was also shown, indicating that Probi® Osteo may influence several age-related physical functions in men.

Probi® Osteo is a clinically documented probiotic concept based on three proprietary strains, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HEAL9 (HEAL9™), Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HEAL19 and Lacticaseibacillus paracasei 8700:2. This concept has previously been found to decrease bone loss in early post-menopausal women. Mechanistic studies in female mice have further revealed that the main effect of Probi® Osteo is for preserving bone mass, by acting to decrease the resorption of bones. This is a different mechanism compared to supplements known to be crucial for the formation of bone-structure, such as vitamin D and calcium.

In the recent publication originating from Gothenburg University, Sweden, male mice were castrated (orchiectomized) to mimic bone loss due to decreased sex hormone-levels in ageing men. Supplementation of Probi® Osteo was initiated two weeks before castration and continued for another four weeks post operation. The results showed that supplementation of Probi® Osteo significantly prevented loss of bone mineral density and bone volume fraction of the trabecular bone.

Another interesting finding was an increased total lean body mass. Loss of lean body mass is a very common age-related dysfunction in ageing men. To decrease this loss with probiotics is a novel finding, that may be of interest for maintaining mobility throughout life.

Intake of Probi® Osteo was also related to increased intestinal levels of short chain fatty acids, compared to the placebo-treated mice, as well as decreased expression of Rankl, an important promotor for bone resorption. This strengthens the previously described mode of action for Probi® Osteo.

In conclusion, the recent study further deepens the knowledge about the influence of probiotics during ageing and indicates that intake of Probi® Osteo have a preventative effect on age-related bone loss in both genders.

Read the full publication of the new findings here

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